12 Stitches in President Obama’s Lip

ObamaMean heart wants to exercise but instead obtained woe. Things like that experienced by President Barack Obama during exercise. President Barack Obama got 12 stitches in his upper lip, on Friday (11/26/2010), after his face hit by an elbow in a basketball game, said White House spokeswoman. “After being accidentally hit by an elbow lips an opposing player in a basketball game with friends and family, the President through the process of stitches in his lip today by the White House Medical Unit,” spokesman Robert Gibbs.

Gibbs also added a statement that President Obama get a local anesthetic during the treatment process and given a small filament thereby ensuring a smaller scar.

White House identified the man who nudged Obama as Rey Decerega, program director at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. Decerega said the game was very fun and no regrets. “I know today that the President of a formidable opponent and sportsman reliable. I enjoy playing basketball with him this morning. I am sure he will return to the field in the near future, “said Decerega in a statement.

White House states, Obama play to survive in the fifth round of five games in the gym military base Fort McNair in Washington when Decerega a shot and accidentally nudged the U.S. president’s mouth. President Obama is a basketball player and fan, he does often play basketball with his friends, including his assistant, Reggie Love, who played the game yesterday.


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