North Korea Warned The Country on The Threshold of War

NKoreaNorth Korea warned on Friday that the counsels of U.S. and South Korea of practice of war on a peninsula on the threshold of war, as it were the torments of his own launch the exercises in the vision of the island, bathed in the rain is over this week’s they hurt. Fresh especially, provoking the explosion of artillery, as for example a leader South Korea as a U.S. Gen. Walter Sharp, having gone through the island of South Korea and purify the wrongs of the hail, gunfire, in North Korea Wednesday of them that killed four people.

No one is to arrive after the ends of the extension of the south, the army officers, they said they do not even U.S. Sharp as some take to listen to FURY residents in the places, panicked, ran to the places of concealment after the Bomba the seven earlier and then closed to the white smoke from the country of North Korea. Born of contentions among gratuit of the North Korea on Wednesday with the deleted and that a great part of the island two and marines in the slaughter of civilians and two, the larger the ESCALATION by a remote resort for the border of the sea coast.

The Attack – eight months, and she drowned after the torpedo and erected on the South Korea to kill the sailors on the west; 46 – And she discovered too, the vices in the South Korea for 60 years after the Korean War. The Defense of great wishes to the minister of South Korea Wednesday to give a beleaguered and President Lee Myung-BAK on the Friday long ago in the name of the princes of the staff of the article PRESIDENT OF DUI.

Which of the jealousy between the habit of Korea on the north under the delicate transition of the force Kim Jong Il, their prince, young and tender the son of Kim Jong Un, which is 20 years ago he awaits the time of the father succeeds invalid. While the force of Seoul and Washington to use its contentions with China Pyongyang to soothe fear of war between the U.S. willing to send nuclear powered aircraft carrier to exercise the waters of the common South Korea Tuesday of the soldiers you were you. From the north wind which considers the exercise of the soldiers with greater provocation, shall go forth from the wrath of the exercises of the previous Friday put her away.

“The situation of the Korean Peninsula is closer to the threshold in the war,” he says official North Korean Central News Agency. The north Korean official of the soldiers Pyongyang it boasted that “the very beating of the enemy and hit the torture as a punishment for filthy South Korean military drills – A reference to Wednesday’s Attack – warned of another” rain, a terrible fire, a rumor spread KCNA the office of the separated.

The North Korean government does not acknowledge the end of the sea, the un has been established in the 1953 round about and believes in the waters of the island Yeonpyeong the coast thereof. Yeonpyeong Island at home and the host of the bases, and South Korea of men about the civil wars of the just people, 1,300 p. 7 (11 km) the coast of North Korea, not far from this it is far that sank in the South Korean in March crash.

Sharp by the coming of the general of the said to the island of Wednesday’s attack was clear a hole for a truce signed in 1953 to the end of the year the three Korean War. We, to the United Nations to investigate the command is completed and require it to come, North Korea to stop the violence, he says of Venus.

28,000 holds by the forces of South Korea Washington to fortify the attack of a partner – Ambassadors came from the Korean War it is a very a point to bring the North Korea before the U.S. as the main reason behind the work of nuclear arms. Dressed heavy camouflage jacket black uniform of the soldiers it yields a sharp I walked down the street of overwhelmed by those who have suffered under the shady out of the buildings. Her body was burnt and broken in on every side, the bottles Bicycles soju, Korean rice wine.

AP Photographer at the point of the observance of the side of the choir heard the explosion of Yeonpyeong he saw the gleam of light at least their contents are of North Korea. No thought of reputation of immediate loss. Only a dozen Yeonpyeong dwell most of the inhabitants to be with the hours of 1300 to escape from the days of the battle between the authorities evacuate this, if asked.

Many of the half conscious of the black roofs or flattened, the road full of broken glass Metal burnt up the sine of the other remains. Many of the dogs to bark from house to house were sitting out. Assembly of South Korea’s from the fleet, carrying 1000-16 rifles patrolled by the rising of the ditch in the sea.

Thursday, South Korean President ordered military reinforcements to Yeonpyeong (4) The other four islands of the sea in the Yellow, and the sum rules of arms and update the level of participation. The minister of Defense, inflamed, also Yeonpyeong Tae-young, the greatest criticism does not get ready to return to the impulse more slowly than the Then the fire of Kim. Once appointed the President of the Lee on the point of the princes of Staff Kim Kwan-jin is found in Job and told the office of the President Friday.

Lee, wearing a black suit visited the hospital almost up to the military Seongnam Seoul on Friday to greet the two marines were supported by North Korea put to death his attack.Chrysanthemum white he put Lee, a signal of their handed down on the altar and to adore the incense before the images of the composite of the two boys. Lovely, the sobbing family members, was given to build a stronger defense of the.

I lay down a sacrifice to take care that the foundations of the jewels of great price a deep peace Republic of South Korea, wrote in the book of condolences, in their ministry.


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