Every Day: Between Two Options Living

Every Day MovieEvery human being has the right to get a second chance. The problem sometimes is not all men are fully aware that the chance is always there. Though it may occasion it was already there in front of the person concerned may not realize it. Problems like these that want conveyed by director Richard Levine in a new movie titled Every Day.
This comedy genre film begins with the story of Ned (Liev Schreiber), who never realized the existence of a second chance in life. What is seen in front of his eyes is just a pile of problems that seem to have no end. Each time the problem seems to be growing.
Wedding Ned and Jeannie (Helen Hunt) is not exactly perfect. The longer their relationship is no longer as warm as when they first married. In the midst of this disharmony, Ned increasingly felt depressed because of his first son 15-year-old confessed that he was gay. On the plus another second son whose life seems filled with dread. At the moment the solution of all problems seem to have no more, Ned actually involved deeper issues.
Unexpectedly, Robin (Carla Gugino) Ned colleagues suddenly offer what it is not obtained by Ned in the relationship of the household. The relationship which was originally only as a friend it also continues further. At this point, Ned began to get caught up in questions between commitment and freedom, between love and willingness to accept what they are. Is there a second chance to Ned? The film is planned to release on January 14, 2011


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