Super Bowl 2011

Super Bowl 2011, The Carolina Panthers on Friday that Coach John Fox will not continue in office for the next season of 2011, and that the contracts of assistant coaches will also not be renewed.

The Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, said through a statement, “I told John that I appreciate everything he has done for us over the past nine years, but it comes a time when both parties must move in different directions.”

In this regard, the head coach of the Panthers said that “there have been many fond memories, great friends, but now I embark on the next chapter of my career.”

The Fox team denied a contract extension in the 2008 season, and last year began with a team that had been inclined to have young players who were left with marks of 2-13, the worst in National League American Football (NFL).

Based on their brands, Fox said the news is not new to him, he even had been preparing for this for two years.

But Richardson had confidence in Fox began to break when the Panthers lost 13-33 to the Arizona Cardinals in January 2009, in what has been the last game of the Carolina team in the final.

While Fox from this year began to show more dislike of movement within the team, according to his version left the Panthers with a team low in experience and talent.

Fox, 55 years old and obtained salary of six million dollars this season, has a lifetime mark of 78-73 with the Panthers, including the only appearance of the franchise in a Super Bowl in 2004, when lost by 32-29 against the New England Patriots.

However, the Panthers have never had consecutive winning seasons under the direction of Fox, who took over the team with a losing record of 1-15 under the direction of George Seifert in 2002.

In the statement given by Richardson to nothing about the process of selecting a new coach who can take the seat vacated by Fox

Only Jeff Fisher, Tennessee Titans, the Patriots Bill Belichick and Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles have been in office longer coaches that Fox has done on one computer.

Fox before becoming the head of the Panthers had held the position of defensive coordinator with the New York Giants.


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