Judges On Live To Dance

Judges On Live To Dance, The new season returns to NBC hit show as candidates choose whether to work with Bob and Jillian, and two trainers unknown. Season Premiere. New.

Dancers audition for a panel of judges – including Paula Abdul – in New York and Los Angeles, with the first group of candidates. Series Premiere. New.

9:00 p.m.

(AP) – “American Idol” has lost its base of wickedness.

The Fox television show once exalted as for his singing sensational and cutting criticism is adopting a more flexible this year after leaving the top villain Simon Cowell and the addition of new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

The artists have said they are in turn feed the candidates this year, some as young as 15 years for the first time, and provide feedback difficult.

“We all want to do well because we really believe in them,” said music producer Randy Jackson, the only remaining original “Idol” judge.

The change is part of an ongoing overhaul of the popular singing competition as the old mega-hit begins its 10th season with the ratings sag. Hoping to borrow some of showbiz sparkle Sin City, Jackson, Tyler and Lopez moved to Las Vegas for the week to restrict a group of 60 to 40 finalist’s favorites.

The episode was filmed in the love of theater, a tribute to the Beatles at the Mirage Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. This is the first “American Idol” took his turn called Hollywood on the road.

During the episode, contestants will sing songs of the Beatles on stage with a live orchestra, Lopez said.

“You really get to see who are the performers who will not be interpreters,” said Lopez, wearing a jumper that money barely covered her thighs bronze, at a news conference in Outside the theater on Tuesday.

“American Idol” ratings fell 8 percent last season. As part of its metamorphosis, episodes move results from Wednesday to Thursday evening when they return in January to see, from Tuesday to Wednesday moves.

Judge Paula Abdul left in 2009, Cowell did not return this year.

The new season will play in his usual celebrity appearances and focus on the drama of the competition.

But there will be times out. Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine and producer Rodney celebrity “Darkchild” Jerkins have signed to work with the so-called stars.

“I’ve been calling it ‘Season 10, the Remix”, “Jackson said.

Fans can also expect candidates to cover the greatest hits and Tyler Lopez. Tyler is the lead singer of rock band Aerosmith, while Lopez is also a movie star known for his dance tunes.

Anticipation of singing in front of two of the most successful acts in music has helped motivate the participants, “said Jackson.

“They do not want to let these guys down,” he said.

“I do not think that kind of emotion existed before in the show,” added Lopez.

The showcase of Las Vegas provided an indication of showboating and daring fans can expect this season.

Tyler, dressed in jeans dazzled mocked cologne host Ryan Seacrest during the brief press conference, while others took turns talking about each other as they congratulated the participants.

Lopez said the singers were outperforming their male counterparts, and Jackson asked a handful of performers’ impressive 15-years.

Seacrest said the new judges readily deal with him and Jackson since the previous interactions in the entertainment industry.

“We all know the work,” he said. “It’s not as if this was the first day at work.”

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