Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing Conditions, Republican-led House is to vote on the repeal legislation Obama’s health care reform. So how the White House to answer, since the original effort of health care is the signature of Mr. Obama’s national effort?

They say: “Hey gang, we must put on a webcast!

OK, that’s not entirely fair. Obama himself has been quite difficult, rhetorically speaking, on the issue. “We can not go back,” he said yesterday in a statement on the repeal effort. “Americans deserve the freedom and security of knowing that insurance companies can not deny, hat or drop their coverage when they need it most.”

Tuesday, Secretary of Health and Social Services, Kathleen Sebelius also issued a report indicating that the increase of 129 million Americans have “pre-existing conditions.”

Then, the White House switched from pre-existing conditions for small businesses. On Wednesday, the “Voice of health reform” episode “History of Betsy”, dealing with the bookshop owner Betsy Burton, Salt Lake City, Utah, which pays for health insurance for its employees, even in the face of constantly rising costs.

None of these videos will be nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary, it must be said. Whoever produces one with Ms. Cutter is a little fragile on how to catch two cameras. Together with the personal stories is not so much that the video footage even with the voiceover.

If these webcasts will be remembered as the first line of defense against White House efforts to repeal – or second line behind Obama’s speech-making – the White House could consider increasing their production value. Ken Burns has given generously to the Democratic Party over the years. Maybe they should call it.


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