Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, Governor Robert Bentley and his wife plan to live in the governor’s house on Perry Street in historic downtown nearby.
Bentley said his wife, Diane, planned to watch the house Tuesday.

He said that the Executive Mansion would probably need a little fresh paint and some minor, but that he expected to move in late this week or early next week.

There was a discussion very early to know if Bentley would move into the mansion near downtown used by the governors of decades or if they move into the estate of Winton “Red” Blount was given the state under Riley. The State also owns the house on the hill next to the governor’s house today.

Bentley also said they would keep the house open for visits and that there would be work, funded by private funds to restore the lower part of the house to look more like she did when it was built in 1900.

He said they wanted people to visit the mansion. People can go around the bottom, but not the private residence of the first family on the floor.

Patsy Riley, wife of his predecessor, Bentley has worked hard to restore the lower part of the house that people see when they visit. She helped raise funds for repair or replacement of furniture, to replace China’s official State, and a carpet of giant state seal in the foyer.

The house is the house of the governor of the second, according to the website of the first lady of Alabama. Governor James E. “Big Jim” Folsom was the last governor to live in the house first, which was home to nine governors from 1911 to 1950.

Folsom was instrumental in securing the second manor, but do not live in it until his second term that began in 1955. The latter, according to the website of state, had become “fascinated by an impressive and unique house situated on the South Perry Street, just a few blocks from the governor.”

The mansion was built in 1907 for the famous family Ligon. The Ligon lived there for 43 years. The state bought the house in October 1950 and 100,000, “the first house in Montgomery was sold for that amount.”

Instead of an inauguration, Governor Gordon Persons was open house for people to visit and an estimated 6,000 people lined up to see the house.

On the property there is a tennis court and swimming pool in the shape of Alabama. The State has other homes that are on the property or next to him.

“Everybody here today has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I tell you, you’re not my brother and you’re not my sister, and I want to be your brother Bentley said Monday in a religious service held moments after his inauguration, according to The Birmingham News.
“The day he was sworn in as governor, he sent a statement to the public by saying if you’re not a Christian, you can not be with me. From our point of view that is proselytizing for Christianity and come very close to a violation of the First Amendment. ”



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