NBC4 WEATHER, Central Ohio has to deal with another winter storm was expected to remove about 5 inches of snow Thursday. A storm warning is in effect for winter Franklin County and counties north until 9 pm on Friday. Counties to the south are part of a winter storm warning is in effect until 9 am Friday. Click here for the full list.

Most counties in central Ohio all are under snow emergencies. Click here for the full list.

The snowfall began in the morning rush hour, dropping a dusting of snow on the area before noon. In 14 hours the snow was falling at a faster pace and 4:15 p.m., the snowfall in the NBC4 studios on Olentangy River Road measured 3.5 inches.

Storm Team 4 said the snow around midnight fade, leaving Central Ohio with coverage of 3-6 cm of loose snow on the ground.

Storm Team 4 meteorologists said it could be a few points south of Columbus receive nearly 6 inches in a very narrow band.

The highest snowfall 100-150 miles north of the storm track, which will be long and south of Interstate 70.

Wind gusts of 25 mph while the advent of Arctic air with blowing snow through Friday. This will be the coldest air of the season to date night with lows of 12 degrees and a wind chill of about 5 and 10 degrees below zero at dawn Friday.

Storm Team 4 Ben Gelber said you could expect from blowing snow and temperatures will struggle to rise to even 15 degrees in the afternoon on Friday. Expect a lot of school delay and cancellation.

The winds calmed down Friday night and the sky will be partly clear, which will bring temperatures near zero.

Gelber said snow radiates heat to space faster than bare ground, and less heat is absorbed during the day, so the temperatures will average less than 5 degrees or more with good coverage Fresh snow than without.

The gradual moderation is scheduled for Sunday (25 degrees) and Monday (29 degrees), but a new storm in the plains of snow spreads light our way early Monday.

As of 3:30 pm, 126 ODOT snow plows were in use, which highways, roads and U.S. roads, ramps and bridges safe and practicable in Delaware, Fayette, Franklin, Madison, Marion, Morrow, Pickaway and Union counties.

Projections show the heaviest bands of snow are still several hours away from the snowplow to ODOT number could rise closer to the drive home tonight.


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