Margaritaville, More than 150 packed the meeting and most wore orange T-shirts in a show of support for local restaurants. More than a thousand petitions. And this in a town of only about 3000 people.

The board has declined in the more severe the order manifestly unpopular. But the city will still impose a maximum of 70 decibels over the music up to 22 hours, 65 decibels after 11 pm Plus, it allows police to determine by ear whether these limits are exceeded. None of measuring devices required. If she feels decibelish 70, you’re broke.

Seventy decibels is about what looks like heavy traffic. It is unclear how this would translate to a band playing “Margaritaville” on the outside near the bar. I think Amp set to “3.” This is Ponce Inlet, we are talking about, and nobody plays heavy metal.

After covering a large number of government meetings in places where law enforcement about this and that are being discussed, imposed or required is a change of pace heartening to see so many people come to a public forum and loudly demand the local government relief.

It’s good for those witnesses prepared to defend the few healthy noise you associate with a place that is alive. Speaking to the sound of a guitarist playing Allman Brothers covers more distance. And say a few words in support of places where you can collect beers after being on the water.

I see this as permanent residents for Ponce Inlet Way of Florida.

And those of us in other cities should be aware that even the lively, everybody mixed-use places that they want are not without controversy.

Parrotheads Shocked told the newspaper that Buffett, 64, hit his head on the ground in front of the first line and bleeding while the Safety argued with a man in the audience. Paramedics quickly rushed to tend to him before eventually carting off in an ambulance.

The state of the “Margaritaville” singer is unknown. A representative of Buffett was unavailable for comment.

TMZ reported that the artist was lying unconscious for about five to 10 minutes. He is now in stable condition at St. Vincent Hospital in Sydney after being treated for a wound in the coconut and will remain there for observation.

As to why the incident occurred, the accounts vary.

A fan that saw the spill flashing stage lights during the solo Buffett may be temporarily blinded. Another fan told TMZ it seems that the artist has tried to jump off the stage to shake hands with members of the public may simply be inappropriate jumping, hitting his head on a metal bar.


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