Manama Bahrain

Manama Bahrain, (AFP) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has expressed concern over the unrest in U.S. ally Bahrain, the Gulf and urged restraint when she spoke Thursday at the Foreign Minister of Manama, a U.S. official. In the telephone conversation with his Bahraini counterpart Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmad al-Khalifa, Clinton “expressed its deep concern about recent events and called for restraint from the front,” a State Department official told AFP.

Bahrain military deployed armored vehicles in the center of the capital Manama and promised to restore order on Thursday after a police raid against violent protesters against the regime has left four dead and dozens injured. Clinton and Sheikh Khaled also “discussed the efforts of political and economic reform to meet the citizens of Bahrain,” added the U.S. official.

Inspired by the protests that toppled presidents in Tunisia and Egypt, thousands of people took to the streets of Bahrain to seek regime change and a “real constitutional monarchy” in the Sunni country, but the Shiite majority.

The White House announced Wednesday that it disorders in Bahrain looked “very closely” and has called the pro-Western kingdom to allow peaceful demonstrations against the government.

Bahrain serves as headquarters for a pillar of American military power, the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet, which controls a fleet of ships laden rotation to protect oil-shipping lanes in the Gulf and the fight against Iran.

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Army of Bahrain will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and ordering people to avoid central areas of the capital of the Gulf Arab kingdom, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said Thursday.

“The security forces said they will take all necessary measures and strict deterrent to protect public safety and the general order,” said the spokesman on television in Bahrain.

Riot police armed with tear gas, clubs and rubber bullets stormed the main square of the capital to hunt thousands of demonstrators.

Thursday morning, the tanks into the streets that the army has banned all demonstrations in the nation over the Persian Gulf.

The White House is urging restraint and non-violence in Bahrain and other Middle Eastern countries that are experiencing similar problems.

The Obama administration look with anxiety disorders in Bahrain as the country is home to the 5th Fleet of the U.S. Navy and a Middle East anchor of U.S. defense strategy.


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