Bahrain Map

Bahrain Map, Brutal repression of the government demonstrations drew international attention to the nation of the Middle East. But some people have trouble understanding exactly where their attention on the card should be reported. Surge office then prepared a brief introduction to Bahrain Bahrain geography. The military, backed by tanks and armored vehicles, took control of most of this capital on hours Thursday after hundreds of heavily armed police officers fired Shotguns riot, tear gas and concussion to break up a pro-democracy camp inspired by the turmoil swirling through the Middle East.

The soldiers took positions on foot, controlled traffic and said that demonstrators would be prohibited from further demonstrations. The intervention came after the police, without warning, rushed in Pearl Square in the early hours of the morning in a crackdown on protesters who were sleeping there as part of a demonstration against the absolute monarchy of the enlargement nation.

At least five people died, some of them were killed in their sleep with scores of shotgun pellets on the face and chest, according to a witness and three physicians who received the dead and at least 200 injured in a hospital here. The witness and the doctors spoke in return for anonymity for fear of official reprisals.

A long convoy of armored military vehicles rolled in Manama, the news quoted a military spokesman said the deployment was to defend people and property. In an announcement on national television, the army said it was “essential” Manama “under control”.

The Interior Ministry said the army to take all necessary measures to ensure security and urged people to avoid downtown. But in a hospital where most victims of the raid were taken, thousands of parents and protesters massed again.

In response, the Shiite opposition on Thursday called the current government to resign. A spokesman for the Pentagon, which maintains a strategic naval base here, said the U.S. military was “closely watching” and urged “all parties to exercise restraint and refrain from violence”, told Reuters.

The violence came in the context of turbulence in the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea as a young and disgruntled Arabs took to the streets, inspired by uprisings that toppled the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt redrew the political map of the region.


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