Wisconsin Protests

Wisconsin Protests, (CNN) – Republican Paul Ryan of Wisconsin Republic compared the demonstrations in the capital of his state with those of Egypt that led to the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. “He (the governor Scott Walker) is riot is like Cairo moved to Madison these days,” Ryan said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”. Thousands protested in the capital on Tuesday and Wednesday on a bill that would deprive the public of Wisconsin employees most of their collective bargaining rights and make them pay more for benefits.

Walker said he is facing a fiscal crisis, including lost profits and $ 137 million, and Ryan supported the newly elected Republican governor, saying he “does not take much.” “It amounts to saying I want you to public sector workers to pay half of what our private parties are against it, and he began to riot,” said Ryan. “People should be able to express their way, but we have to get this deficit and debt under control, in Madison, so we have a good business climate and creating jobs in Wisconsin.”

According to the press secretary Walker, Cullen Werwie, the controversial bill is expected to reach the state Senate on Thursday and possibly Assembly (lower house) on Friday.

Organization The Democratic National Committee for America’s arms – the rest of the 2008 campaign Obama – plays an active role in organizing protests against the attempt by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to the band most public employees bargaining rights collective.

OFA, as the campaign group is known, has sometimes been criticized for staying out of local issues such as same-S-EX- marriage, but the district using the public sector unions who hopes to persuade some Republican lawmakers’ s oppose the proposed Walker. And while Obama may have his differences with the teachers’ unions, commitment OFA and the fight – and Obama’s own clear position against Walker – means he is staying loyal to key allies in the Democratic Party is for them, a very dangerous time.

Efforts on the ground OFA Wisconsin include filling buses and construction rates for rallies this week in Madison, the organization of 15 banks phone rapid response urging supporters to call their state legislators, and working on planning and production of gatherings, a Democratic Party official in Washington.

Governor Walker will not even talk to workers of state its proposal to strip them of their rights. He ignores the voice of Wisconsin today and asking the authority to permanently drown tomorrow.

We are ready to do everything we can to make sure this does not happen. OFA volunteers will fight for our friends with government jobs, our allies in the labor movement and the freedom of all Wisconsinites to organize their communities.


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