Uncle Leo Seinfeld

Uncle Leo Seinfeld, Uncle Leo Seinfeld character was not a regular. However, Uncle Leo appearances Seinfeld fan favorites were constantly on the hit sitcom. After all, the show was so powerful that any recurring character and the actor was living in pop culture. Actor Len Lesser collected these benefits, although it was only on the series 15 times and had dozens of other jobs during his career. However, Uncle Leo is what Len Lesser is best known for today, after his death at the age of 88.

Lesser was pronounced dead this morning that CNN has claimed that it was because of complications from pneumonia. He also focused on due to cancer, but her daughter said that her death was “very calm” and quick and painless, as he hoped.

I cannot sleep without the TV on if I have this little DVD player on my side of the bed. Every night, I pop a DVD into the game and press.

Throughout the duration of the pregnancy, it was Seinfeld. I think I covered the series at least four times and it never gets old. When I cannot sleep I just roll on press play, and I’m usually lulled back to dreamland by the dulcet tones of Jerry and his gang.

It is therefore with great sadness that I tell you that Uncle Leo is gone.

Len Lesser, best known as Jerry Seinfeld Uncle Leo, died today of complications from pneumonia. The daughter of actor tells TMZ, he died in his sleep this morning in Burbank, and “He was very calm.” Lesser was 88.

American actor who played the debonair yet cantankerous Uncle Leo “on the hit sitcom SEINFELD, died aged 88, reports the New York Daily News. Little died yesterday morning (February 16, 2011) in Burbank, California, on of pneumonia linked to cancer. The actor was admitted to a rehabilitation center near his home several weeks ago and his family said he died in his sleep. His daughter, Michel Petit, paid tribute to the career of his father, saying: “Heaven has a great comedian and actor of today. The outpouring of sympathy we’ve received has been incredible and it is greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone who contributed to make the last trip my father and surrounded by special love. ” The actor has appeared in 15 episodes of Seinfeld, but his one-liners made him one of the best loved characters in the series. He also had a recurring role on “Everybody Loves Raymond” as Garvin, a friend’s father Raymond. Lesser, who served in the Army during WWII, worked alongside some of the greatest film actors throughout his career,


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